About Us

Darüşşafaka Ömran ve Yahya Hamuluoğlu Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is a specialized rehabilitation center where patient-oriented and targeted treatment programs are applied by a team work of experienced health professionals like doctors, physical therapists, hydrotherapists and speech therapists working together since a long time in the light of the most current data and information.

At our center, by using an integral approach to deal with with acute and chronic problems like musculoskeletal disorders, neurological diseases, chronic pain and disabilities associated with cancer we provide services to increase quality of life of individuals by maximizing their functional capacities and daily activity performances, and accordingly, satisfy the needs of patients who require rehabilitation with a comprehensive rehabilitation program towards all systems.

Founded in 2005 with a view to providing the therapy opportunities to residence donators under the best conditions if and when needed and creating sustainable financial sources for students of Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions, Darüşşafaka Ömran ve Yahya Hamuluoğlu Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre has today become a brand name in physical medicine and rehabilitation field.
Having opened its doors for service in the year 2005, the Centre is continuing its services with a point of view treasuring human health the most and is carrying Turkey to a healthier future with all of its employees working under its roof since the very first day of its foundation till date.

While the physical level of patients is raised to the maximum feasible level through treatments and therapies applied in global standards, therapy services and opportunities are offered to patients in a peaceful environment in compliance with lexical meaning of Darüşşafaka: “HOME OF COMPASSION”.
Rehabilitation is a special job required to be performed with labour and patience. So with labour and patience and with self-confidence fed by its high knowledge and know-how