Aquatic Rehabilitation (Hydrotherapy Unit)

Water is an ideal therapeutic environment. Therapies performed by making benefit from properties of water in therapy pool, bathtub-type bathrooms or four-chamber whirlpool bathtubs are collectively termed as “Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Rehabilitation”.

Our Hydrotherapy unit is comprised:

· Arjo Axona therapy pool,

· Hand – foot whirlpool bath (Whirlpool),

· Whole body whirlpool bath (Jacuzzi),

· Galvanic therapy bathtub (Stangerbad bath), and

· 4-chamber galvanic bath.


Our ARJO Axona Therapy Pool is a special pool allowing supervision of patient in water through its transparent glass frame. Pool therapy is the support of patient and the easement of exercises by water adjusted to the patient’s body temperature with the help of comfort and freeness senses provided by hot water, pressure sense felt on skin, and buoyancy of water, as well as the use of water in treatment of neurologic and orthopaedic disorders and diseases by making benefit from such physical properties of water as its resistance shown to movements in water.

Our pool also equipped by a whirlpool system:

· Provides a remarkable improvement in muscle strength, sitting balance and walking skills in a safer and more reliable environment in favour of patients who suffer from walking difficulties due to neurologic problems and are not yet ready for exercises in rehabilitation hall, thus making them ready for activities of daily living and more intensive exercises that may be performed by patients independently; and

· Helps in loosening of abnormal muscle contractions such as spasticity; and

· Provides more comfortable and effective exercise opportunities in case of lumbar, hip and knee pains such as herniated disc and meniscus rupture in knees; and

· Makes a positive contribution to recovery through use in weight-bearing and walking trainings at early stages of rehabilitation following fractures and hip and knee prostheses.

By using all of these equipments, we are conducting therapies aiming to cure oedema, pain and various different muscle contractions in our patients.

Watsu Method

Watsu is the first and most popular form of bodily movements and exercises in water. First developed by Harold Dull in Harbin Hot Springs, the famous thermal facilities of California, in 1980, Watsu is a unique therapy method applied by use of healing power of water. It is applied by therapist to recipients gliding on Shiatsu (water) through elegant and fluid motions and stretching exercises inside slightly warmed water. This in turn creates a healing and refreshment sense in recipients.

Watsu is named after a combination of Water and Shiatsu words. Differently from other therapies and physical therapy methods, it is applied by a therapist in a pool at 35 degrees of temperature fit for wide movements. In addition, watsu method also reduces the rate of stress and anxiety in individuals thanks to its relaxing effects.