Falls Prevention Program

Falling is an important health problem in the first ranks among the causes of injury and death of elderly individuals. In elderly adults, falls may result in severe injuries and wounds increasing the death risk by up to 30%. There are many individuals, especially elderly individuals, having fall and balance problems due to such disorders as neurologic diseases, vision problems, muscle weaknesses, depression, etc.

The studies clearly demonstrate that the improvement of such physical parameters as muscular force, elasticity, deep and superficial sensory parameters, base sense, agility and endurance decreases the balance and fall disorders, irrespective of the age of individuals.

In our center, exercise programs aimed at preventing the balance disorders and fall injuries are applied one-to-one by specialized physiotherapists, thus increasing the level of independence and the performance of individuals in daily life.

Dual Task exercises, exercises on balance platform, and strength practices are a few of the methods applied in the Falls Prevention Program process.