Neurological Rehabilitation

Includes therapy of paralysis, movement and balance disorders and sensory losses resulting from brain and nerve diseases such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injurys, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, nerve injuries and facial palsy.

Neurologic Rehabilitation is a multifaceted program covering appropriate exercises, and exercises for reduction of abnormal muscular contractions like spasticity, and such applications as orthesis, medical approaches and botox injections in accompaniment of a physiotherapist at all levels of the patient from bed level to the walking stage.

Such methods as speech and swallowing therapies, cognitive exercises, pulmonary rehabilitation, ergotherapy, robotic rehabilitation and pool therapy are also added to the therapy program under neurologic rehabilitation roof depending on the needs of patients. Patients are also evaluated for their secondary problems such as pain and neurogenic bladder problems, and these existing problems are also tried to be cured.

Neurologic rehabilitation applications are applied to our patients in global standards in the light of the most advanced developments in the science of rehabilitation in accompaniment of our specialized staff and experienced physiotherapists.

In addition to such neurologic rehabilitation methods as PNF, Bobath, Johnston approaches, we are planning such applications as robot, underwater exercises and clinical pilates according to the current needs of patients and including them in their therapy programs. We are treating the dysmotility problems of patients with a holistic view.

We are supporting, training and treating our patients by appropriate devices and methods from bed level to sitting, standing and walking levels.