Walking Robot LOKOMAT

The device named Lokomat is based upon the inducement of patient to walk with the help of robot through reduction of the patient’s bodyweight to the desired extent by a parachute system. This device aims to reinstate and rebuild the normal walking pattern in patients with spinal cord injuries, brain damages or paralysis and with distorted physiological walking pattern. Robot-aided walking therapy is a physical therapy form re-teaching the patients with gait disorders to walk in such neurologic or orthopaedic situations as paralysis, spinal cord injuries or brain damages. Repeated walking pattern helps the brain and spinal cord the relations of which are detached due to disease or injury to re-work together in order to determine a new route. Lokomat program further helps in strengthening of muscles and development of circulation in patients with brain damages and spinal cord injuries. And if and to the extent the natural weight bearing is regained by walking exercises, bones are strengthened, and osteoporosis (bone loss) risk is reduced.